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The Master Of Learning & Professional development ( MLPD) program will open up new doors for you in your career path to transform companies' learning culture.

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The Singapore Government is increasing efforts and spending billions on upSkilling and reSkilling the job market.

Take the lead and champion workplace learning practices to increase overall performance.
Develop the skills and knowledge you need to become a valuable professional.

The Master of Learning and Professional Development is what you need to stand out.


A Learning and Development (L&D) qualification can enhance your
career opportunity in this continually evolving global workforce.
Diversify your career trajectory in the Training and Adult Education
(TAE) sector and be future-ready


MLPD is one of the most sought-after Master’s programmes in Singapore.

One of the highest funded Master programme, the MLPD modules are aligned with leading trends and competencies outlined in the Singapore’s national Skills Framework (SFw) for the Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector, as well as global developments in the fields of CET and professional development.

We’ve partnered with Griffith University to make sure our programme meets the highest education standards.


If you are looking for an exciting new opportunity, the time has arrived for you to take a giant leap and transform yourself into a change leader in learning and professional development. You can leverage your experience into a new career and be the change you want to see and transform the lives of workers in diverse industries.

This programme is suitable for you if you are an industry practitioner who aspires to be a leader in learning and professional development. The MLPD programme is designed to develop Educational Leaders who will innovate and transform the training and education practices to enhance national workforce capacities and stay competitive in the global economy.

WHY Choose

  • Catalyse organisation and sector-wide transformation of Training and Development in Singapore
  • Build capacities for leading change in the Training and Adult Education sector
  • Develop Training and Adult Education strategies and interventions at the individual, group, and organisational levels
  • Drive pedagogical innovations that make learning relevant and accessible
  • Shape Adult Education provisions that address sector-specific critical and emerging skills
  • Lead workplace learning
To stay ahead, invest in yourself and complete Griffith's distinguished MLPD.

Griffith University is ranked among the top 2% of universities worldwide based on the Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings in 2019.

Griffith University’s reputation for research and teaching excellence, alongside their strong ties to the industry, makes them one of the leading providers of higher education in the Asia-Pacific region.


The MLPD programme is designed to develop Educational Leaders who will innovate and transform TAE practices to enhance national workforce capacities and respond appropriately to changing circumstances and stay competitive in the global economy.

This programme is suitable for you if you are an industry practitioner holding a role as:

  • Head of Industry
  • Continuing Education and Training Academic
  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Head of Training Organisations
  • Centre Director of Post-Secondary Education Institutes (PSEIs) and Universities
  • Curriculum Leader
  • Learning Consultant
  • Learning Solutionist

Enrol in the MLPD to extend your leadership and enhance the workers’ learning for work.

The MLPD programme comprises 10 courses, that were selected through consultation with IAL-SUSS, of which one involves a capstone project.

Course Summaries

M1: Workplace Learning Strategies (7350EDN; 10 credit points)

This course considers workplaces as learning environments, drawing upon recent theories and research. It focuses on workplace curriculum, pedagogic practices, and the worker-learner concept as the basis for Adult Educators to organise and support organisation-wide learning through, and at work.

M2: Strategic Learning Design (7352EDN; 10 credit points)

This course investigates vital concepts of curriculum and instructional design to analyse workforce development needs, and application of rigorous approaches to the design of learning that takes into account worker-learner diversity and the circumstances of their workplaces.

M3: Assessment and Evaluation (7354EDN; 10 credit points)

This course uses the principles of assessment planning to develop appropriate tools for measuring practice-based instructional outcomes, and the design of approaches to evaluate learning programmes to improve strategic learning designs and performance results.

M4: Learning and Performance in Work (7356EDN; 10 credit points)

This course focuses on learning at work as a collective social practice that is shaped and enacted in groups, teams, and organisations. It focuses on providing a better understanding of these practices and enactments that can promote work performance at the individual, group, and organisational levels.

M5: Learning and the Future of Work (7358EDN; 10 credit points)

This course examines the changing nature of work and associated labour demands, and to critically consider the nature and role of learning and adult education provision. Central to this study is the consideration of work and learning innovation in the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment of today.

M6: Leading the Learning Organisation (7360EDN; 10 credit points)

This course investigates and applies leadership theory and practices for managing the learning of individuals and organisations. It focuses on understanding learning as a management variable and developing principles and practices that underpins the leading of learning change for organisational impact.

M7: Understanding Research in Adult Learning and Work (7362EDN; 10 credit points)

This course introduces the understanding of the purposes, processes, and outcomes of research in adult education. It addresses concepts and procedures for undertaking such research in settings where adults engage in learning for work-life purposes to promote effective processes and outcomes.

M8: Investigative Techniques for Learning and Work (7364EDN; 10 credit points)

This course introduces fundamental concepts and practices appropriate for researching a range of settings where adults learn work-related knowledge. It includes the consideration and use of qualitative and quantitative methods and procedures, data analysis, and the interpretation of findings.

M9: Professional Development Through Practice-based Learning (7366EDN; 10 credit points)

This professional and employability development course focuses on decision making and planning for the career development of self and others. It focuses on understanding professional development as a learning practice that builds on occupational demands and priorities across the lengthening working life.

M10: Independent Capstone Project (7368EDN; 30 credit points)

This course will identify, plan for, and undertake an independent research-based project to implement and evaluate an intervention that enhances adult education practices for workforce development.

This programme’s provision is for working professionals who will study part-time. Candidates will enrol in 2 courses each trimester, totalling up to 6 courses per year to be completed within two years. There will be one intake per year commencing in trimester 1 of year 2021, and 2022 respectively.

All courses will be delivered through flexible delivery, utilising the facilities of Griffith University’s Virtual Learning Environment, in alignment with the university’s ‘Digital First initiatives’. Provisions include online virtual classrooms and the use of a range of learning technologies in web-based learning platforms, as well as some face-to-face engagement. The face-to-face in-country teaching engagements comprise of five-day periods for each trimester (from Thursday evening to Monday afternoon) at the premises of the Institute for Adult Learning, Singapore.

The methods for in-country teaching will commence with flipped classroom strategies in preparation for face-to-face sessions that would comprise a blend of lectures, tutorials, and workshops, depending on the suitability requirements of each course. The course assessments will be completed during and/or after the in-country teaching, and prior to the end of the course schedule.

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A Unique Master Program in Singapore
That Is Subsidised By SkillsFuture Singapore.

MLPD is generously subsidised by SkillsFuture Singapore as the Master programme for the Training and Adult Education industry.
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